Social Connection Secrets



Do you want to connect with people at a deeper level, and get away from the everyday superficial level?

Are you missing a certain type of relationship in your life that you would like to create? Or even deepen a relationship you already have?

Are you tired of doing the same thing when it comes to dating, connecting with others, and getting the same results?

Do you have trouble just being yourself when you are in a group, party, or in a dating situation and you would like people to know the real YOU?

We Can Help!

For years, I had been pondering how to cultivate and nurture meaningful relationships. Your coaching has been an absolute game-changer for me. It's not only improved my ability to connect with others but has also deepened my understanding of myself. Your unique approach of deciphering behavior patterns through dance and then imparting this knowledge in a structured manner is truly remarkable. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have crossed paths with you! Thank you!

Puja S.

Our Approach:

Creating High Connection Habits


In our coaching journey, we will take a deep dive into:

  • Creating Confidence (Mindset, beliefs, removing walls, habits of being)
  • Body Language - facial, hands, posture, embodying relaxation, open welcoming confidence, exuding energy intentionally
  • Conversation Agility - from stranger to friend
  • Authentic Connection - Deeper conversations
  • Appreciative Inquiry: Questions Worth Asking
  • Conversation Sparkers - Curiosity to Gratitude Formula
  • Connections Hubs - Dance
  • Dating Process - Warming up relationships
  • Boundaries - Intentional 
  • Masculine and Feminine Energy - Dance of Toggling

We will create new "MAPS" for relating and share our connection secrets!

  • Mindset - Your limiting ideas "I don't believe when others tell me..."
  • Approach - New strategies - Sharing Opening Intentionally 
  • Practice - Experiential Learning + Opportunities + Practice Sessions
  • Skills - Body Language, Energy, Conversation Mastery


Our Mission

Thrive Today! provides the tools for your to deepen your self-awareness, your relationships and help you design the charmed lifestyle of your choosing. 

What We Do

We do one on one coaching and hold interactive workshops. We teach you about connecting with others and elevate your interactions with all the people you meet.