Deepen Your Connection

Intimacy through Dance Workshop

A guided tour on how to bring out the best in your relationship through the lens of Latin Dance.

We will teach you how to be more positively connected with each other... learn another love language between you... and add more emotional intimacy! 

Dance will help you not only understand but embody what you desire to communicate, and also decipher the hidden messages coming from your partner.

The way we do anything is the way we do everything

Martha Beck

We have found that dance is an exceptional way to have an experiential understanding of Connection. In this workshop, your relationship will leave elevated to another level. You will learn about yourself, about each other, and about the larger US between you. We will talk about many dance principles, one of them being the equation 1+1 = 3

You will find the power of feeling and how that applies to your conversations on and off the dance floor.

This is not a dance workshop or a counseling workshop. This is a guided tour on how to bring out the best in your relationship and how through dance you can speak together in a new way that can resonate through every part of your life.

Our Dance techniques are for all levels, they are fun and easy to follow. No previous experience is required.

It is like taking your relationship to the Spa. You will leave the workshop refreshed and connected with a greater understanding of each other, an appreciation of dance and a new shared love language.