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Music ~ Mindset~ Movement


  • Music:  We use Latin Music and Dance forms as a fun way to bring people together. It generates a lot of physical and mental benefits that increase well-being and reduces stress in the workplace.
  • Mindset: We teach Appreciative Inquiry to give you the skills of asking better questions that generate conversations worth having. It creates psychological safety and will bring a new set of abilities when it comes to problem-solving, and connecting with others.
  • Movement: Learn how Partner Dance can also educate your company in the nuances of being a great leader through communicating clearly and a great follower through active listening.

The skills learned in our workshops can be transferred to all types of communication, but most importantly it creates a feeling of community and fun in a small amount of time.

Create a Connected Company Culture

We believe the combination of providing Connection Skills through

Music ~ Mindset ~ Movement

will create an interest for everyone in your company.

These are the types of workshops we offer, you can choose any of them or all. We recommend you alternate between a Dance and an AI workshop to balance the interests of everyone. (D=Dance, AI=Appreciative Inquiry) 

(D) Merengue Madness -  Let us take you on a journey of learning how movement can improve your mood, cognitive skills, and your decision-making, to put you in a productive state.

(AI) The Power of Questions:  How to ask questions that create generative uplifting conversations and gain a new perspective on others.

(D) The Salsa Team: Learn how body language and connecting as a team can uplift the energy of the group through this fun "square dancing style" dance done in a circle called Rueda.

(AI) The Power of Story:  How our brain waves respond to sharing ourselves through stories and create a deeper connection with every conversation.

(D) 2 Left Feet Salsa FUN - We teach you all the basics so you can turn your left feet into Dancing Feet and learn the power of movement on a daily basis for reducing stress, increasing serotonin, and overall mental well-being.

(AI) The Power of Reframing Situations:  A simple 4-step process to flip situations from problems-to-visions and move us towards the direction of Excellence.

(D) No Rhythm Needed Bachata -  Improve your memory and strengthen your neural connections with this easy dance as you learn the difference between happiness and joy even if you have no dance experience. 

(AI) The Power of Gratitude: We unveil the surprising gratitude practice that involves others, is easy to accomplish, and will generate a culture of connection.

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